On 26 May 2023, a Family Picnic entitled Put down your smartphone, take up your fishing rod took place at the Municipal Sports and Leisure Centre in Radom.

The LIFE project and European Union funds were promoted at a stand of the Radom City Hall - Department of EU Funds and Strategy. We told young participants about the effects of the project and the importance of nature-based solutions in adapting to current and projected future climate change and how Radom is preparing for this through the use of Blue-Green Infrastructure on rivers, reservoirs and in the urban landscape. There was a lot of fun, but also smuggled in knowledge. In one of the interesting competitions, children were asked, among other things, about the LIFE project, what are colmatation ponds, which fish species can be found in the Borki reservoir, what we can do to adapt to climate change or what water retention is and why it is done. All of this is to ensure that the youngest generation grows up respecting the planet and acquiring good habits that benefit the climate in a wide range of ways.