On 7 October 2022, representatives of the project participated in a conference organised by the Mazovian Regional Chamber of Civil Engineers Local Office in Radom entitled „Flood protection of the city of Radom as part of the LIFERADOMKLIMA -PL project - construction of a flood protection reservoir on the Potok Północny and a flood polder on the Cerekwianka River”.

Speakers from the project team presented the achievements of the project in terms of adaptation, organisational and promotional activities. The Conference participants had the opportunity to see the completed solutions on the Cerekwianka River and the Potok Północny, where an innovative water purification system in the form of a Sequential Sedimentation and Biofiltration System was used. The opportunity for engineers and designers to learn about these nature-based solutions on Radom's rivers will certainly contribute to the transformation of their strictly engineering approach in the design process to one that is environmentally friendly, particularly with the application of climate change adaptation solutions.



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