The sedimentation and biofiltration system on channel A0 is already operational. The project included the modernization of the existing pumping station, which was built many years ago; an underground separator was installed to stop mechanical impurities transported with the waters, and the existing drain in the form of a concrete trough was filled with dolomite, limestone and a bioker. The latter is expanded clay coated with a special compound for more effective removal of phosphorus from the water. The final element of this system is the rush vegetation zone, the task of which is to polish the waters by incorporating nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus compounds into the plant structure.

Thanks to the use of natural processes of organic matter sedimentation, adsorption of pollutants in stone structures and assimilation of biogenic substances in plant tissues, the pre-treated water is introduced to the Mleczna River and further transported to the Borki reservoir, thus compensating for the loss of water in the reservoir as a result of its evaporation, filtration and low tide.