Referring to information and opinions on the implementation of the LIFE project, which appeared in the article on the Cozadzien portal of June 15, 2020 entitled "Instead of" LIFE "is" UNLIFE "?" and an interview of Mr. Jarosław Staniszewski from Green Action in Radom on Radio Rekord on June 15, 2020 entitled "This is not what LIFE is all about!", we would like to indicate that the article and interview contained offensive and false statements about the LIFE project implemented in the city.

The area along the Mleczna River is open to the public, and the adjacent area not only belongs to the Municipality of Radom, but also to private individuals and other entities located in this area. As part of the LIFE project, ongoing work on the meandering of the Mleczna River includes a fragment of the river at the height of existing boulevards. Allegations contained in the abovementioned media are unfounded, not supported by any evidence in the field of "deliberate" and "intentional" poisoning of the beaver, because the investment works for the task of renaturization of the Mleczna River have not yet been started by the contractor, and on May 11, 2020 the contractor was allowed to enter the construction site for performing maintenance works on the riverbed on the non-investment section.

The contractor did not cut down trees or demolish the beaver dam at the beginning of May 2020. All investment works regarding the restoration of the Mleczna River at the height of the existing boulevards will begin after obtaining a positive decision of the Provincial Mazowiecki Historic Preservation Officer for cutting trees in the zone of the Stary Radom Cultural Park.

We addressed letters: to Green Action in Radom and the media, which published and broadcasted the false content described above, denying these entries and containing a request to correct the allegations and to apologize the project and its employees. The publication of false information and the formulation of incorrect assessments based on it influence on the good name of the project, its partners and its donors, i.e. the European Commission and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.