The tender announced by the Municipal Waterworks in Radom for the modernization and cleaning of the reservoir in Borki and the sedimenation ponds have been completed with the submission of two offers. One accounts for 5 million 880 thousand PLN, and the other at 7 million 133 thousand zlotys.


According to the Environmental Impact Decision for the investment, construction works are allowed to be conducted from the beginning of September to the end of next February. This deadline for the investment was also specified in the tender announcement. It is planned to start filling the reservoir with water after March 1 next year. We hope that this year's situation of low level of snowfall and rainfall will not happen next year and we will have enough water resources to supply the reservoir.

Adaptation works include reconstruction of the colmatation ponds and renovation of the main dam, as well as desludging of the riverbed and cleaning the bottom of the reservoir. Floating islands with vegetation and three fountains powered by photovoltaic panels and a small wind farm are also planned to be built within the adaptation measure. Experts have also proposed a whole range of other solutions to improve water quality, including the installation of a water oxygenation system to prevent algal blooms. Necessary devices for this, just like fountains, are to be powered by energy from renewable sources.

All works will be carried out as part of the LIFE project.