The investment works at the Borki reservoir have just started

The investment works on the colmatation ponds at the Borki reservoir have started. The several hundred metres long section of the Mleczna riverbed will also be restored.

The works are performed by Zakład Produkcyjno-Usługowy from Mniszek, the contractor chosen in the tender for the execution of this task announced by the Municipal Waterworks in Radom.

- The implementation of the LIFE project at the Borki reservoir and around requires previous purification of the colmatation ponds and restoring of the Mleczna riverbed crossing the reservoir. This activity is integrally related to LIFE project and is supposed to ensure the supply of clean water to the tank. We want the Borki reservoir to be an attractive place for relaxation and recreation, says Vice President Jerzy Zawodnik.

At the moment the works in the basins of the colmatation ponds to clean water incoming to the reservoir are conducted.

-After the modernisation the water will flow through the maze between the stone constructions. This will make the incoming water filtered and clean. After cleaning the ponds from contaminating deposits we will start restoring the Mleczna River above the weir located closer to the Sucha street, "says Elżbieta Stanke, the LIFE Project Director in the Municipal Water Works Company in Radom.

The investment works will take about 2 months.