Construction of a flood polder on the Cerekwianka River

Adaptation of the floodplain in the valley of the Cerekwianka River to prevent flooding in the vicinity of Kielecka Street and a tributary to the Mleczna River

The Cerekwianka river valley is a small ecological corridor that is part of the Municipal Nature System, along which animals can move. In the area covered by the task there are patches of small and highly isolated habitats. There are also protected species of birds here: tits, little birds, robins, blackbirds, and pheasants. The implementation of the task is to restore the biodiversity of this area.

Objectives of the task:

• collecting excess rainwater and preventing flooding of the surrounding roads

• use of natural succession processes in the polder to expand the plant structure and improve water quality

• increasing the biodiversity of the area by creating a mosaic of soil and mud habitats

• maintenance of an ecological corridor for the migration of aquatic organisms, spawning grounds for fish and habitats for waterfowl and amphibians

• maintaining a good water condition of the Cerekwianka River. 


• a floodplain polder with an area of ​​1.7 ha and a depth of 0.5-1 m by adapting the existing depression of the area of ​​former fish ponds on the right bank of the Cerekwianka River

• a system that directs excess rainwater to the polder and increases its retention

• a sequential pre-treatment system consisting of a settling part and two biofiltration parts with natural aquatic vegetation.


 The area of ​​the Cerekwianka River before adaptation



Floodplain polders of the Cerekwianka River after adaptation