Reconstruction of the A0 rainwater collector and the use of a sequential sedimentation and biofiltration system as part of the task:

"Adaptation of the A0 rainwater channel to improve the quality of water outflows to the Mleczna River"


As part of the task, the A0 channel was sealed to prevent groundwater infiltration into the rainwater collector and transport of iron compounds from the ground. In addition, the existing system for draining water from the underground rainwater collector to the Mleczna River was reconstructed in order to increase its treatment capacity.

The solution includes the use of natural sorbents, i.e. lime and dolomite stone, BioKer and a plant zone at the outflow from the drain to eliminate biogenic compounds. The solution reduces the transfer of pollutants and provides an additional source of water for the Borki reservoir in deficit periods, reducing the amount of water transported in the rainwater collector.

Objectives of the task:

- reduction of water flow in the A0 channel during the dry season

- improvement of water quality in the rainwater channel.


- sealing the canal on the section of 679 m from Starokrakowska Street to the pumping station at Sucha Street

- reconstruction of the water supply system from the A0 collector of the rainwater pumping station at Sucha Street

- adaptation of the existing trough draining rainwater from the pumping station of the A0 collector into a sequential sedimentation and biofiltration system

- planting plants with nutrient reducing properties.


Rainwater collector A0





Sequential Sedimentation and Biofiltration System